Five Compelling Reasons to Pursue A Nursing Career in Canada

Remember nearly two decades ago when there was an exodus of doctors, nurses and healthcare workers? Medical professionals were going abroad to become caregivers or nurses.  Despite being doctors for several years in the Philippines, many were willing to “downgrade” their professions for more lucrative rewards for their families  even if it means studying to become caregivers. In fact, studies show that “since 2001, the Philippine Medical Association noted that about 5,000 doctors have shelved their hard-earned MDs (Doctor of Medicine) to become RNs (Registered Nurses) in countries like the United States, United Kingdom or Saudi Arabia.”

 Former Health Secretary Jaime Galvez Tan  said in a report that Canada has been “importing” at least 2,400 caregivers from the Philippines annually. This was way back 2008-some fifteen years ago. The demand for our healthcare professionals has not abated. It has, in fact, steadily increased over the years.

Simple hard fact, was and is, that there are better opportunities in countries like Canada and Australia for healthcare professionals and other fields. Thus, even if an OFW has been working abroad for years and steadily supporting their families in the Philippines, they’ve become open to studying various courses that would help them secure a more solid future for their families. One solid option is immigration to the country where they’re currently working, wherein the best route is through international studies.

This is actually an equally mutual benefit both for the countries that has a need for healthcare workers and Filipino healthcare workers seeking greener pastures. One of the dire predicaments of OFWs, including healthcare workers abroad, is being separated from their families for a long period. The financial aspect of the family back home may be well-taken care of but the emotional, psychological aspects-equally important aspects-tend to suffer because of the long separation. Why suffer this when countries like Canada offer a study, work and live program even to OFWs from various fields-most especially in the healthcare sector.


To say that Canada pays better for their nurses is an understatement! Nurses here definitely receive a fairly high pay scale. Specialized nurses such as rehabilitation and cardiovascular can expect to receive higher pay, too.

Canada ranks among the top countries with the best quality of life and healthcare services. Being a healthcare provider in this country allows the individual to have access to comprehensive insurance plans for himself and his family members plus coverage for other health-related expenses.

 Filipino nurses in the Philippines work notoriously long hours with inadequate salaries, but in Canada, a nurse enjoys flexible schedules wherein he/she may earn additional day-offs that can be used against the worked hours. This is significant as it allows a positive work environment. Nurses may also choose their shifts, depending on the hospital they work for.


 The work environment is definitely a big plus! The nursing environment in this country is very healthy and very rewarding. Hard work and dedication amongst nurses are well-recognized in Canada.


“While workplace mental health interventions can contribute to addressing burnout (Watson, 2023), several structural problems can facilitate the burnout of Filipino nurses, including low salaries, chronic understaffing, heavy workload, job insecurity, and delayed disbursement of benefits amidst the rising cost of living”


Austrian-American management consultant and educator, Peter Drucker said “Learning is a lifelong Process” and in Canada, nurses are open to endless learning opportunities.The Canadian government provides financial support and scholarship for students who want to pursue a career in nursing.” Isn’t this such a great come-on? Learning while earning!


Take the story of Robert. He once worked as a nurse in a hospital in Manila. Like many of his co-nurses, he experienced 24 to 48 hours straight duty due to lack of nursing personnel.  Sadly, compensation was insufficient. After some time, the health care service he was providing for others no longer seemed meaningful. The long working hours, the low pay, the seemingly endless demands of patients were getting into his nerves. He could feel depression setting in. Then he caught a bout of pneumonia. He was sick for almost a month. Recovery really took a while since his body was not in top health condition to begin with. During his recuperation, he reflected deeply about his life. “Is this the way I want to live my life for the next 10-20 years? Even if I wanted to, would I last long in this profession given the current working conditions in the hospital? If I quit, I would just be starting all over again.” He decided to file for a longer period of leave-this time, the leave was no longer paid since he had exhausted his leave credits. He chatted with nurse friends abroad, searched online for opportunities abroad, fully aware that nurses abroad are highly in demand. Finally, he came across Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation (FGISC). The President & CEO himself totally understood his predicament, being a nurse some time in his life. Robert’s journey to a brighter future has begun.


Fast-forward after three years, Robert is enjoying the full benefits of being a nurse in Canada. He continually thanks Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation for paving the way to a beautiful sunrise in his life.

Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation (FGISC) offers an attractive alternative for our OFW “kababayans”. FGISC started in London, United Kingdom on August 12, 2014. It is an ISO certified 9001:2015 and a world-class company offering immigration, internships, and university placement in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, and many other countries. It was initially founded by a Filipino nursing professional working abroad, experiencing the same sentiments and dilemma of Juan Dela Cruz in a foreign land.

Currently, Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation is composed of highly talented professionals who strengthen the FGISC program team. It has been helping  thousands of Filipino “kababayans” attain their dreams abroad.

The company’s Mission is “to become a world leader in university placements and immigration services and to provide opportunities and assistance to professionals, individuals, and families to achieve their dream of studying, visiting, and living overseas.”

The services and programs being offered extend from students to professionals to OFWs and others. FGISC is a sound choice to help Filipinos attain their overseas dreams. There are many branches around the Philippines to service OFWs seeking not just better opportunities but a more solid future for their families. The Refund Policy is an assurance that money won’t go wasted. The No Embassy Appearance offers a convenient mode of application while the 24/7 hot lines guaranteed to reply to inquiries  and concerns assures applicants of the thorough support. Since there is no age limit/discrimination, seasoned OFWs may apply. Given the various perks and benefits, one can’t go wrong with FGISC. FGISC simply has all the reasons to be the top choice for OFWs seeking more to life than being an OFW. Through availing of the FGISC program, one can look forward to a peaceful retirement in the country where he/she has worked for some time, together with his/her family beyond the years of gainful employment.



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